Birthday night ‘off’ 

This weekend I am approaching my birthday! (hurrah!) so the hubby has arranged the children sleeping out at the grandparents house, and our friends coming round for a night of ‘food and games’. Now usually I am begging for a night off, but that is usually to try and catch up on some much needed sleep, so the thought of entertaining a house full of people isn’t really what I was hoping for. (that makes me sound very miserable and antisocial, I promise I’m not! Well at least not all of the time….).

My biggest issue with such nights are the whole ‘making myself look presentable’ drama…. I am much more of a ‘stay in your pj’s until the last possible moment kinda girl. Then on top of the actual ‘gettin dtrssed’ issue, I have to try and stop myself from looking like a zombie….and so the ‘attempting to put my face on’ drama begins. 

One thing I have definitely learnt, is that I am in no way, shape or form at the same level as my nieces when it comes to the beauty game. My eyebrows are definitely not ‘on fleek’ (what does that even mean?!?) and even with a coat of concealer, the bags under my eyes are still very clear to see. 

And then that drama is over, you end up enjoying your lovely night in with your friends, which is all fun and games until you need to be a parent on Sunday morning…. 



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