The playdate..

It’s always nice to see your children happy, smiling and getting along…. Mainly because it isn’t a given all off the time in our house. So when they are acting like little angelic creatures, I seem to get this thought in my head… Three children running around my house, dragging every toy they can possibly find out of the boxes just isn’t enough…..I need to invite their friends round to join in! 

And that is exactly what I did. I decided not only to invite a friend over to play, my son managed to pick another child equally as crazy as him! I honestly didn’t believe there was another child who could jump from sofa to sofa, then do a front flip onto the floor with such ease (whilst I am stood at the side, asking him for the 100th time to stop….and all whilst giving me heart failure) but his friend funnily enough was also a pro at this.

My eldest son Logan is what I have always imagined a boy to be…full of energy, constantly giggling and running around, and my goodness he says some things that makes me double over laughing 😀. So inviting his friend over to help him burn off some of his energy was a great idea right?!?……. NO, the answer is simply No!.

Not only did I watch Logan do front flips everywhere with my heart in my mouth, I now had to try and tell 2 boys to ‘not jump on the sofa’ ‘please don’t try and do a flip off there’ ‘thats really not a good idea boys!!!!!’ 

Now this might just be me (and surely I should be used to this considering my job) but I just find I never feel fully comfortable disciplining other children! No problem at all with mine, I will just tell them straight (within reason obviously, there are some things floating round my head at those times that  I simply could NOT say). So I found myself helplessly stood at the side, repeating myself like a parrot, and desperately counting down the hours until his mum was going to pick him up…

And by the time he did go home, and my little loves also went to bed…. I could have easily finished off that bottle of wine in my fridge.  



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