Expanding the brood 😱

Throughout the past 4 years I have been asked the dreaded question more times than I could possibly remember, we all know the one, the…. ‘when are you having another one?’ 

As a busy mum of 3 (who feels like getting 2 minutes to go to the bathroom is peace is a major win in life) this question always seems to catch me off guard! I’ve even had people go as far as telling me ‘you have an uneven amount, your son will get middle child syndrome!’ (wtf?!?). I am pleased to say he most definitely does not have any  syndrome and certainly has no issues having only 2 siblings so why through that statement out there?. 

I feel as though my days could not possibly get any more chaotic. Between being a parent/chef/taxi driver/referree/human chair, and of course working in the school with an extra 60+ hyper children on a daily basis, I fail to see how I could possibly fit anymore in!.

And the decision to stop at 3 was not exactly our choice initially, but one we have come to accept. Both myself any my hubby always wanted a full and fun family home, and always said we would have 4 children, but that decision was taken out of our hands last year after losing our baby through miscarriage. I ended up being extremely unwell and ended up with irreparable damage which has ended our baby journey. 

So I find the question of expanding our brood frustrating, and also at times quite upsetting. I am forever grateful for the little loves I have in my life already….I do realise how lucky I am to be a mummy!. 

This post became very deep and serious by the end….it wasn’t my intention, but felt as though I needed to put it out there, as I’m sure others must feel the same!.



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