Back to it.. (just a little update on moi!) 

This week has been written off in our household…..between sick children, a broken toilet and the WiFi breaking down (seriously I didn’t realise how dependant I had become on the trusty little WiFi box) it’s safe to say my stress levels were through the roof!. 

I’ve finally been signed off by the doctors this week following my surgery, which means I will be able to go back to my beloved job as a teaching assistant! I honestly can’t wait to throw myself back into it. But at the same time I have this overwhelming sadness about not being able to pick my 4yo up from pre-school 3 days a week anymore 😞. 

I think a little part of me has become quite accustomed to the stay at home mum lifestyle…. Which is obviously not an easy alternative, it’s really bloody hard having your name repeated one million times per minute and remaining calm, but none the less I have enjoyed my extra time pottering around the house with my youngest. It’s funny how quickly your routine can change, if I take myself back 8 weeks I could think of nothing worse than being stuck in my house, unable to drive week after week, but now the thought of leaving that all behind is genuinely causing me to feel like I’m letting my little boy down. (which is silly I know as I already had this job befote surgery!).

It’s obviously not just me that has experienced this, other mums (and dads of course) will have been through the same scenario, but my God I feel like my heart it breaking already. I have to keep reminding myself just how passionate I was about my role in the school before this happened, and how much I will appreciate spending time with my little loves when I get home each day 💜